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G7/8 Ministerial Meetings

G7 Environment Ministers' Meetings

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1. The Ministers for the Environment of seven major industrialized nations met in Cabourg on May 9 and 10, 1996. Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Commission were represented, as were observers for some sessions, the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development, and the Global Environment Facility.

2. The non governmental community was invited to provide input into the reflections of this meeting. A parallel meeting was held by representatives of respective G7 national commissions on sustainable development, whose conclusions were forwarded to the G7 Ministers.

3. In line with the Hamilton meeting in 1995, the ministers welcomed the quality of cooperation that as grown up in the environmental field, as also reflected by progress within the OECD in the assessment of environmental policies and the definition of economic instruments.

4. At the Cabourg meeting, the Ministers confirmed that the G7 countries were determined to fulfill their commitments in the field of the environment and sustainable development, and they reiterated the importance they attach to regular and intensive contacts. For the fourth time, such informal G7 meetings have served as an occasion to air topics of common interest in a series of friendly and open discussions.
In our capacity as environment ministers in the governments of seven major industrialized countries, it is our duty to ensure that issues relating to the environment and sustainable development are given their rightful place in public policy-making and in the international organizations, and to inform our leaders on key environmental issues in their preparation for the annual G7 Summit.

5. Our discussions centered upon three themes:

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