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G7/8 Ministerial Meetings

G7 Environment Ministers' Meetings

Informal Meeting of the G7 Environment Ministers

Florence, March 12-13, 1994

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Chairman's Notes

Florence hosted on March 12 and 13 a meeting of Environment Ministers of the seven most industrialized Countries (G7) and the Commission of the European Union, to exchange views in an informal setting on some crucial environmental questions. The meeting was opened by Prime Minister of Italy Carlo Azeglio CIAMPI, who welcomed the initiative and highlighted the relevance of this informal encounter for the oncoming Summit of the G7 in Naples.

The following personalities responded favourably to the invitation of the Italian Minister for Environment, Valdo SPINI:

CANADA: Mrs. Sheila COPPS, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment.
FRANCE: Mr. Michel BARNIER, Minister of Environment.
GERMANY: Mr. Klaus TOEPFER, Minister of Environment.
JAPAN: Mrs. Wakako HIRONAKA, Minister of Environment.
UNITED KINGDOM: Mr. John GUMMER, Minister of Environment.
UNITED STATES: Mr. Robert SUSSMAN, EPA Deputy Administrator.
Sen. Tim WIRTH, Undersecretary of the State Department.
EUROPEAN UNION: Mr. Yannis PALEOKRASSAS, Commissioner for the Environment.

During the meeting delegations addressed in detail a number of relevant issues.

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