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G7/8 Ministerial Meetings

G7 Environment Ministers' Meetings

Informal Meeting of the G7 Environment Ministers

Florence, March 12-13, 1994

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International cooperation on the environment, far from hindering the economic development, can enhance employment and welfare.

Employment and growth opportunities are associated with investments in environmental infrastructure, energy efficiency improvements, innovative communication and transportation networks, clean-up of polluted areas.

Finally, there is an advantage for environment and employment from embodying into prices of goods and services the value of environmental resources. This double advantage (or double dividend ) can be achieved by tax reforms, which shift fractions of the tax burden from labour to natural resources. Anyhow, the aim to incorporate environmental costs into prices of goods and services should not be associated with punitive effects: hence, the importance to mix taxes with incentives and to take into preeminent account the differences in national situations.

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