Many people have supported me during my research in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and at Lampeter, and while writing-up my thesis. I am very grateful to them all for the intellectual, moral, financial, practical, technical and other help which I have received...

in Lampeter
Ymke Mulder supported me on the home front in Llanwnnen and Llanybydder, and helped with translations from the German.

My supervisor Michael Shanks was a constant source of encouragement and support.

All the postgraduates and members of staff in the Department of Archaeology created a pleasant atmosphere for doing research.

Quentin Drew in particular, but also Constance Gdula, Caroline Ord-Hume, Alan Rogers and Ewan Sutherland, as well as the Media Centre, helped on the computer front and with images.

Ymke Mulder, Greg Stevenson, Michael Tierney, and Chaz Wyman did much of the proof-reading.

David Austin, Barry Burnham, Andy Coard, Amanda Crawley, Philippe Parker, David Platt, Sarah Tarlow, and Adrian Turgel answered questions and helped proof-reading.

Maureen Hunwicks and Dee Williams were always helpful in the Departmental Office.

Kathy Miles and Haf James of the Interlibrary Loans office in the library supplied me very reliably with many obscure publications.

Sarah Tarlow and Bill Sillar invited me to stay in Cambridge for two weeks in 1996.

All my friends kept me in good spirits for all these years, especially Wolfgang Greller, Michael Kakooza, and Philippe Parker.

elsewhere in the UK
Kathryn Denning was the first to read much of what I had written by August 1997, and later (from Canada!) helped considerably with the proof-reading.

Christoph Steinmann sent me his unpublished M.A. thesis.

Emma Blake, Chris Fowler, Willy Kitchen, Dillwyn Miles, Julian Thomas, Sue Thomas, and Greg Woolf helped me with various enquiries or sent me papers.

in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern I owe a great amount of thanks for practical and other support, which was very important for my research, to
Horst Keiling, the late Erika Nagel, and especially Almut Schülke in Schwerin;

Dorit Hartmann, Volker Häusler, and Jörn Jacobs in Rostock and Bad Doberan;

Peter Herfert, Willi Lampe, and Michael Schirren in Arkona and Stralsund;

Ulrich Schoknecht in Waren;

Ulrich Baenz and Thomas Terberger in Zinnowitz and Greifswald.

elsewhere in Germany
Arne Holtorf and Marita Holtorf supported me for many years.

Monika Kruse, Marcus Müller, Andreas Reinecke, Frank Richter, Stefan Seufert, Ulrike Sommer, Ruth Struwe, Eva Thäte, Uwe-Jens Wandel, Wolfgang Werner and Cornelia Wolff helped with enquiries or sent me papers or critical comments.

Jan Assmann introduced me to very stimulating discussions and exciting topics around the fringes of my research.

around the world
Susan Alcock, Angelos Chaniotis, Sabine Jeschonnek, Håkan Karlsson, Örjan Mattson, and Constanze Witt helped with various enquiries or sent me papers, ideas, or critical comments.

Dan Mouer and Reinhard Bernbeck became good 'electronic friends' over the years, and helped me in various ways with their constructive e-mail messages.

Max Baldia sent me his huge database of megaliths and answered questions.

Subscribers to Arch-theory discussed various questions of mine.

Among the institutions I am grateful to the following:
The British Academy paid my tuition fees.

The Department of Archaeology at Lampeter paid me a maintenance and travel/research grants, supplied me with a computer and other practical necessities, and gave me teaching opportunities in which I could try out some of my ideas on students.

The University of Wales, Lampeter has been, overall, a good institution to do my research in.

The libraries of the University of Wales, Lampeter, the University of Cambridge, the University of Sheffield and the Institute of Archaeology at University College London, as well as the British Library, became invaluable for my desire to read about so many different things from various countries.

I also received support from

sources of illustrations

all images used in this work are my own, apart from those which are credited to another photographer or directly linked to the source on the World Wide Web from where I have copied them.

Publication of my work in the present format

was helped by many, including

Kathryn Denning who brought me into contact with, and later worked for CITD Press when this electronic monograph was first conceived,

Leslie Chan of CITD Press who had great interest in my plans from the beginning and with whom I had long discussions (by email) about the best way of publishing my work,

his team in Toronto,

Mark Johnson who sent thoughtful comments about my thesis and invited me to take part in a workshop on Ethnographies of the Internet where I could present and discuss my work with like-minded people, and finally

audiences in Lund, Cape Town, Stavanger, Cambridge, Richmond (VA) and Stanford (CA) where I presented and discussed my work.

© Cornelius Holtorf, last updated on 10 July 2001