My research 1994–1998

My almost four years of research at Lampeter have probably been the most exciting and satisfying years of my academic life so far. Having completed my first degree in Pre- and Protohistory, Social and Physical Anthropology at the University of Hamburg in 1993, and the Masters in Theoretical Archaeology at the University of Wales, Lampeter, in 1994, I was offered a fully funded Ph.D. by the Department of Archaeology at Lampeter and the British Academy. I am very grateful to both institutions for their financial support. Without it, this thesis would never have been written.

The Department of Archaeology at Lampeter, where my research was supervised by Michael Shanks, proved to be an extremely stimulating environment for my research. Michael has never attempted to control what I was doing and always supported me with encouragement and additional suggestions. He and David Austin (at the time Head of Department) have also backed my more unorthodox desire to submit my thesis in hypermedia format rather than as a paper copy bound in hardback.

My years of research at Lampeter can be traced in different ways.


Holtorf, Cornelius J. (1999) Is History going to be on my side? On the experience of writing and submitting a hypermedia Ph.D. thesis. Internet Archaeology 6. URL:

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