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The objective of this work is to understand the meanings of the past (and ancient monuments) in later prehistoric Mecklenburg-Vorpommern by making connections. Some of these connections link the megaliths of the area with other ancient monuments or with other expressions of history culture, elsewhere and at different times.

In fact, I have constructed links to quite a few sites and topics which go far beyond the topic of this study if understood in a narrow sense. But my choice was not at random. They all have in common (1) that they helped me making sense of later prehistoric cultural memory and history culture, and (2) that they are related to the ancient monuments in later prehistoric Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

either by their location in the same region (at the time of my visits):

or by the issues involved:

or by their similarity in date and form of evidence:

Remember that I neither equate these cases with the one I am studying here, nor do I use them as direct analogies. All these sites and topics are connected with my study as opportunities for the reader to explore related issues and thereby improve the understanding of both my work and my subject matter. The pages listed above take the place of so many other sites and topics around the world to which my work could have been hyperlinked.

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