The receptions of megaliths in Kreis Greifswald



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No. Location Later prehistoric receptions Historic and modern receptions References, sources
22 Dambeck   protected in Ortsakte not recorded; Sprockhoff 552
23 Dargelin
  near parish border; protected Ortsakte unsatisfactory (in Stralsund, cf. 197); Sprockhoff 549
4588700/5986920 cup-marks on cap-stone (2) near parish border; protected Ortsakte unsatisfactory; Sprockhoff 550
25 Gristow     in Ortsakte not recorded; a tumulus?
26 Gützkow   drawn by Friedrich in 1802 and 1809, probably later used in Hünengrab im Herbst (c.1820) and Hünengrab im Schnee (1807) in Ortsakte not recorded; Sprockhoff, p.105
27 Ludwigsburg later finds: late Slavic pottery and stone structure excavated in 1937 Ortsakte unsatisfactory; Sprockhoff 553; Corpus 1979: 163
28 Klein Zastrow
in neighbourhood: 2-300m: late Roman Iron Age glas bead from a burial(?) protected since 1961 Ortsakte; Sprockhoff 548
29 Neu Negentin   protected Ortsakte unsatisfactory; Sprockhoff 551
30     protected Ortsakte unsatisfactory
31 Vargatz   after 1892: memorial stone Behr; 1954: attempt to remove it for clearance; protected since 1964; 1980: LPG wants relocation, but refused by Deputy Minister; excavated by Nilius 1979-82; 1990: as pile of stones near the road; visited (31.7.95) Ortsakte; see also my paper in J. Europ. Arch. 1996, espec. 132-135: possibly built during the later Bronze Age

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