The receptions of megaliths in Kreis Ribnitz-Damgarten



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No. Location Later prehistoric receptions Historic and modern receptions References, sources
77 Fahrenhaupt     Ortsakte unsatisfactory
78 Guthendorf     Ortsakte not found
79 Ribnitz     in Ortsakte not recorded
80 Semlow
  protected Ortsakte; Sprockhoff 515
81 4542540/6005940   at the edge of the manor park; protected; 1989: dunghill, timber stack, rubbish, in the chamber a 'cave-like' timber installation (work of children?) Ortsakte; Sprockhoff 513
82 4542260/6005240   protected Ortsakte; Sprockhoff 514
82a       Ortsakte unsatisfactory
83 Tribohm
  stones broken and re-used for a wall in 1824; investigated by Hagenow; protected since 1992 Ortsakte; Baier 1904, 24f.
84     some stones broken up and re-used; investigated by Hagenow; in Ortsakte only 1 recorded; Baier 1904, 25
85     investigated by Hagenow; destroyed in Ortsakte only 1 recorded; Baier 1904, 25

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