The receptions of megaliths in Kreis Wolgast



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No. Location Later prehistoric receptions Historic and modern receptions References, sources
432-434 Bauer     in Ortsakte not recorded
435 Benz
in neighbourhood: 480m SW: late Slavic pottery   Ortsakte
436 Buggenhagen     in Ortsakte not recorded
437 Dargen     in Ortsakte not recorded
438 Görke     in Ortsakte not recorded
439 Katschow   during 1850s stones removed by stone-robbers ("who were not afraid of ghosts") for road-building Ortsakte; Pomm. Monatsbl. 1889, 101
440 Koserow     in Ortsakte not recorded
441 Labömitz
in neighbourhood: 50m ESE: late Slavic pottery, trough quern; 200m S: late Slavic and German pottery; 250m SW: Slavic and early German pottery   Ortsakte
442 next to 441     Ortsakte unsatisfactory
443 Lütow(-Neuendorf)
Grab no. 1
  mentioned on map from 1693 as "Holm Kamer"; 1826 poem written by W.Meinhold; in 1897/8 described and drawn by local antiquarian Stubenrauch; in c.1911 cap-stone removed for foundation of vicarage in Netzelkow; in 1936 more stones taken for road-building by Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD); excavated and restored by Eggers in 1936; protected Ortsakte Lütow; Sprockhoff 573; Höpken in Eggers (ed.) 11. Beih. z. Atlas d. Urgesch., Hamburg 1969
444 Grab no. 2   during 1860s stones removed for buildung stables and houses; in 1936 completely removed by RAD; protected Ortsakte Lütow; Sprockhoff, p. 91; Höpken 1969, 10
445 Grab no. 3   destroyed before 1936 Ortsakte Lütow; Höpken 1969, 10
446 5426820/5987620
Grab no. 4
  in 1897/8 described by Stubenrauch; protected see Ortsakte Neuendorf, but not recorded there; Sprockhoff 574; Höpken 1969, 9f.
447 Mellentin
later finds: Iron Age fire-place, early Iron Age settlement; in neighbourhood: 220m NW: early, middle, and late Slavic pottery; 300m S: Slavic pottery and hearth "Bratheringsberg"; folklore: tale about spook Ortsakte
447a next to 447     Ortsakte
448 Neppermin   destroyed by stone-robbers; folklore: the place is haunted, no cattle touches the site while grasing, no-one wants to till the land Ortsakte unsatisfactory; Pomm. Monatsbl. 1889, 100f.
448a     in 1887 a skeleton was found and dug in again because of the danger of spook Ortsakte unsatisfactory; Pomm. Monatsbl. 1889, 101
448b     destroyed before 1889 Ortsakte unsatisfactory; Pomm. Monatsbl. 1889, 101
449 Suckow
in neighbourhood: 80m SW: arrowhead, Iron Age, Slavic and German pottery; 180m SE: late Slavic pottery, Roman Iron Age fibula; 200m ENE: fire-place, Slavic pottery; 230m E: Slavic and German pottery; 450m ESE: Slavic pottery protected Ortsakte
450       in Ortsakte only 1 recorded
451-453 Waschow     in Ortsakte not recorded
454 Wehrland
  protected since c.1960; 1974: "rubbish deposit place" Ortsakte; Sprockhoff 554
455 5420670/5983120   protected since c.1960; 1974: "rubbish deposit place" Ortsakte; Sprockhoff 555
456 5420600/5983000   protected since c.1960; 1974: "rubbish deposit place" Ortsakte; Sprockhoff 556
457 5421400/5982980   protected since c.1960 Ortsakte
458 5421280/5982800   protected since c.1960 Ortsakte
459 5421250/5982750   protected since c.1960 Ortsakte
460-472       in Ortsakte only 6 recorded
473-473b Zinnowitz     Ortsakte unsatisfactory; 3 megaliths (?)

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