The receptions of megaliths in Kreis Neubrandenburg



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No. Location Later prehistoric receptions Historic and modern receptions References, sources
899 Beseritz     in Ortsakte not recorded
900 Dishley
in neighbourhood: 50m SW and 150m NW: 2 cup-marked stones; 50m W: Bronze Age finds, Roman Iron Age cemetery, Slavic pottery; 500m NNE: Roman Iron Age and early Slavic pottery destroyed by gravel quarry Ortsakte; BMJ 1979, 103
900a 4597140/5955280 in neighbourhood: several Bronze Age, pre-Roman and Roman Iron Age and early, middle, and late Slavic settlements (loads of finds!) discovered in 1974; with protection-sign Ortsakte
901 Friedland
later finds: modern melting-pot; in neighbourhood: 40m W: cup-marked stone (=former cap-stone?) "Geldkeller[berg]"; cap-stones removed; discovered in 1915/16 by stone-robbers, opened with Russian prisoners of war; restored by Witte in c. 1916 Ortsakte; Mecklenburg 1916, 42-45; Sprockhoff 450
902     was completely destroyed in 1916 in Ortsakte deleted (24.5.96); Mecklenburg 1916, 44
903       Beltz 1899, 128f.; in Ortsakte deleted (24.5.96)
904 Genzkow
  partly destroyed Ortsakte
905 5402300/5945800 cup-marks on cap-stone (6); in neighbourhood: 320m NW: pre-Slavic pottery, iron slag partly broken up; protected since 1956, since 1970 with sign Ortsakte; Sprockhoff 451
906 4597750/5944450   partly destroyed Ortsakte
907 4597780/5944500   partly destroyed Ortsakte
908 Neubrandenburg
Fdpl. 3
  discovered by stone-robbers and sketched in 1877 Ortsakte; Sprockhoff 452
909 Fdpl. 4   in 1972 moved into Kulturpark (culture park) Ortsakte
910 Fdpl. 5   in 1972 moved into Kulturpark, the smaller one moved again and restored in 1995 Ortsakte
911 Roggenhagen
  protected since 1971, with sign Ortsakte
912 4591740/5947250   protected since 1971, with sign Ortsakte
912a as 912     Ortsakte (21.5.1996)
913 Schwanbeck Fdpl. 1
in neighbourhood: c. 300m SE: 2 cup-marked stones; three others in municipality (cf. 915); see also 914 protected since 1963 Ortsakte
914 Fdpl. 2
in neighbourhood: 320m WNW: late Bronze Age settlement and cemetry, late Bronze Age, late Slavic and late Medieval finds; 450m NW: slag, daub, Bronze Age settlement, Roman Iron Age, early and middle Slavic, and early German pottery; see also 913 protected since 1963 Ortsakte
915 Fdpl. 3
in neighbourhood: 420m NE: Bronze Age settlement; in neighbourhood: 120m NE and 250m SE: 2 cup-marked stones protected since 1963 Ortsakte
916 Fdpl. 4
later finds: pre-Slavic and Slavic pottery; in neighbourhood: 220m SE: flint blade, middle Slavic settlement near parish border; investigated in 1973 Ortsakte
917 Fdpl. 25
later finds: middle Slavic pottery; in neighbourhood: pre-Roman Iron Age settlement; see also 916 discovered in 1973 and planned to be restored either (a) at the place of discovery, (b) on the village green, (c) in the Kulturpark Neubrandenburg: 'in terms of heritage management a perverse desire' (Schumacher); cf. 909+910 Ortsakte
917a Fdpl. 51
in neighbourhood: see 913 discovered in 1977 Ortsakte
917b Fdpl. 68
in neighbourhood: see 913+914 discovered in 1989 (?) Ortsakte
918-919 Warlin cup-marked stone in municipality   in Ortsakte not recorded

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