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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985Natal nest location and small mammal tracking with a spool and line techniqueBoonstra, Rudy; Craine, Ian
1987Natal philopatry and breeding systems in voles (Microtus Spp.)Boonstra, Rudy; Krebs, C.J.; Gaines, M.S.; Johnson, M.L.; Craine, I.T.M.
1996The neuronal stress response: nuclear translocation of heat shock proteins as an indicator of hyperthermic stressManzerra, P.; Brown, Ian R.
1999Nitrogenous waste excretion by the larvae of a phylogenetically ancient vertebrate: the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus)Wilkie, M.P.; Wang, Y.; Walsh, P.J.; Youson, John
1990Novel strategies in the complex defense repertoire of a stonefly (Pteronarcys dorsata) nymphWilliams, Dudley; Moore, Kathryn
1993Nutrient and flow vector dynamics at the hyporheic/groundwater interface and their effects on the interstitial faunaWilliams, Dudley
1974The occurrence of benthos deep in the substratum of a streamWilliams, Dudley; Hynes, H.B.N.
1999Ontogenetic and phylogenetic development of the endocrine pancreas (islet organ) in fishesYouson, John; Al-Mahrouki, Azza
2003Peripheral O2 chemoreceptors mediate humoral catecholamine secretion from fish chromaffin cellsReid, Stephen; Perry, Steve
1999Perspectives and predictions on the microbial ecology of the hyporheic zoneWilliams, Dudley; Storey, R.G.; Fulthorpe, Roberta
1986A photographic technique for estimating browse growth and useKrebs, Charles; Sinclair, A. R. E.; Boonstra, Rudy
1999Phylogeny of the lamprey genus Lampetra inferred from mitochondrial cytochrome b and ND3 gene sequencesDocker, Margaret; Beamish, Richard; Youson, John; Devlin, Robert
1999Physiological effects of three inhalant anesthetics on arctic ground squirrelsMcColl, Carolyn; Boonstra, Rudy
1978Pitfall trapping of Microtus townsendiiBoonstra, Rudy; Krebs, Charles
1988Population biology of snowshoe hares. II. Interactions with winter food plantsSmith, J. N. M.; Krebs, C. J.; Sinclair, A. R. E.; Boonstra, Rudy
1995Population changes of the vertebrate community during a snowshoe hare cycle in Canada’s boreal forestBoutin, Stan; Krebs, Charles; Boonstra, Rudy; Dale, M.R.T.; Hannon, S.J.; Martin, K.; Sinclair, A.R.E.; Smith, J.N.M.; Turkington, R.; Blower, M.; Byrom, A.; Doyle, F.I.; Hik, D.; Doyle, C.; Hofer, L.; Hubbs, A.; Karels, T.; Murry, D.L.; Nams, V.; O'Donoghue, M.; Rohner, C.; Schweiger, S.
1998Population cycles in small mammals: the problem of explaining the low phaseBoonstra, Rudy; Krebs, Charles J.; Stenseth, Nils Chr.
1993Population declines in the snowshoe hare and the role of stressBoonstra, Rudy; Singleton, Grant
1994Population dynamics of an outbreak population of house mice (Mus domesticus) in the irrigated rice-growing area of AustraliaBoonstra, Rudy; Redhead, Trevor D.,
1995Population dynamics of the collared lemming and the tundra vole at Pearce Point, Northwest Territories, CanadaKrebs, Charles; Boonstra, Rudy; Kenney, Alice
Showing results 116 to 135 of 192