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1-Jan-2009Oropharyngeal dysphagia assessment and treatment efficacy: setting the record straight (response to Campbell-Taylor)Coyle, JL; Davis, LA; Easterling, C; Graner, DE; Langmore, S; Leder, SB; Lefton-Greif, MA; Leslie, P; Logemann, JA; Mackay, L; Martin-Harris, B; Murray, JT; Sonies, B; Steele, CM
10-Jan-2009Oropharyngeal dysphagia assessment and treatment efficacy: setting the record straight (response to Campbell-Taylor).Coyle, JL; Davis, LA; Easterling, C; Graner, DE; Langmore, S; Leder, SB; Lefton-Greif, MA; Leslie, P; Logemann, JA; Mackay, MA; Martin-Harris, B; Murray, JT; Sonies, B; Steele, CM
1-Feb-2005Parathyroid hormone secretion and action: evidence for discrete receptors for the carboxyl-terminal region and related biological actions of carboxyl- terminal ligands.Murray, TM; Rao, LG; Divieti, P; Bringhurst, FR
12-Jun-2008Pedunculopontine nucleus microelectrode recordings in movement disorder patientsDostrovsky, JO; Weinberger, M; Hamani, C; Hutchison, W; Moro, E; Lozano, AM
1-Aug-2000Persistence of platelet thrombus formation in arterioles of mice lacking both von Willebrand factor and fibrinogenNi, H; Denis, CV; Subbarao, S; Degen, JL; Sato, TN; Hynes, RO; Wagner, DD
4-Mar-2003Plasma fibronectin promotes thrombus growth and stability in injured arteriolesNi, H; Yuen, PS; Papalia, JM; Trevithick, JE; Sakai, T; Fässler, R; Hynes, RO; Wagner, DD
1-Jun-2003Platelets in hemostasis and thrombosis: role of integrins and their ligandsNi, H; Freedman, J
15-Jan-2006Platelet Toll-like receptor expression modulates lipopolysaccharide-induced thrombocytopenia and tumor necrosis factor-alpha production in vivoAslam, R; Speck, ER; Kim, M; Crow, AR; Bang, KW; Nestel, FP; Ni, H; Lazarus, AH; Freedman, J; Semple, JW
1-Mar-2008Previous cultures are not clinically useful for guiding empiric antibiotics in suspected ventilator associated pneumonia: secondary analysis from a randomized trial.Sanders, KM; Adhikari, NKJ; Friedrich, JO; Day, A; Jiang, X; Heyland, D
1-Oct-2008Prolonged time to alarm in infusion devices operated at low flow rates.Ilan, R; Fowler, RA; Ferguson, ND; Parshuram, CS; Friedrich, JO; Lapinsky, SE; Biason, R; Pinto, R; Etchells, EE
1-Feb-2008Prone position ventilation for community-acquired pneumoniaFriedrich, JO; Sud, S; Sud, M; Adhikari, NKJ
Oct-1994Prostaglandin E1 increases oxygen extraction capabilities in experimental sepsisZhang, H; Benlabed, M; Spapen, H; Nguyen, DN; Vincent, JL
May-1994Protective effects of N-acetyl-L-cysteine in endotoxemiaZhang, H; Spapen, H; Nguyen, DN; Benlabed, M; Buurman, WA; Vincent, JL
1-Jul-2008Public engagement in setting priorities in health careBruni, RA; Laupacis, A; Martin, DK
21-May-2008The ratio of means method as an alternative to mean differences for analyzing continuous outcome variables in meta-analysis: a simulation study.Friedrich, Jan O; Adhikari, Neill KJ; Beyene, Joseph
1-Aug-2006Relative efficacy of intravenous immunoglobulin G in ameliorating thrombocytopenia induced by antiplatelet GPIIbIIIa versus GPIbalpha antibodies.Webster, ML; Sayeh, E; Crow, M; Chen, P; Nieswandt, B; Freedman, J; Ni, H
3-Apr-2007Role of human neutrophil peptides in the initial interaction between lung epithelial cells and CD4+ lymphocytes.Vaschetto, R; Grinstein, J; Del Sorbo, L; Khine, AA; Voglis, S; Tullis, E; Slutsky, AS; Zhang, H
1-Feb-2006The role of oxidative stress in adult critical careCrimi, E; Sica, V; Williams-Ignarro, S; Zhang, H; Slutsky, AS; Ignarro, LJ; Napoli, C
Apr-2001Time course of inducible nitric oxide synthase activity following endotoxin administration in dogsPreiser, JC; Zhang, H; Vray, B; Hrabak, A; Vincent, JL
May-1995Tirilazad mesylate (U-74006F) inhibits effects of endotoxin in dogsZhang, H; Spapen, H; Manikis, P; Rogiers, P; Metz, G; Buurman, WA; Vincent, JL
Showing results 59 to 78 of 86