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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998The adrenergic stress response in fish: control of catecholamine storage and releaseReid, Stephen; Bernier, Nicholas; Perry, Steve
2001Adult neurogenesis in natural populationsBoonstra, Rudy; Galea, L.; Matthews, S.; Wojtowicz, J.M.
1984Aggressive behavior of adult meadow voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus) towards youngBoonstra, Rudy
2000The agnathan enteropancreatic endocrine system: phylogenetic and ontogenetic histories, structure, and functionYouson, John
2000An albumin-like protein in the serum of non-parasitic brook lamprey (lampetra appendix) is restricted to preadult phases of the life cycle in contrast to the parasitic species petromyzon marinusDanis, Mehmet; Filosa, Michael; Youson, John
2002Analysis of lamprey and hagfish genes reveals a complex history of gene duplications during early vertebrate evolutionEscriva, Hector; Manzon, Lori; Youson, John; Laudet, Vincent
1982Another potential bias in the use of the longworth trapBoonstra, Rudy; Rodd, F. Helen
1998Aquatic insects in an estuarine environment: densities, distribution and salinity toleranceWilliams, Dudley; Williams, Nancy
1990Arctic ground squirrel predation on collared lemmingsBoonstra, Rudy; Krebs, Charles; Kanter, Michelle
1996Basal expression of stress-inducible hsp70 mRNA detected in hippocampal and cortical neurons of normal rabbit brainFoster, Jane; Brown, Ian
2000The best in all possible worlds? A quantitative genetic study of geographic variation in the meadow vole, Microtus pennsylvanicusHansen, Thomas F.; Boonstra, Rudy
1992Breeding performance in captivity of meadow voles (<i>Microtus pennsylvanicus</i>) from decline- and increase-phase populationsMihok, Steve; Boonstra, Rudy
1995Can changes in social behaviour help to explain house mouse plagues in AustraliaKrebs, Charles; Chitty, Dennis; Singleton, Grant; Boonstra, Rudy
1993Can the solar cycle and climate synchronize the snowshoe hare cycle in Canada? Evidence from tree rings and ice coresSinclair, A. R. E.; Gosline, J. M.; Holdsworth, G.; Krebs, C. J.; Boutin, S.; Smith, N. M.; Boonstra, Rudy; Dale, M.
2002Cardiorespiratory adjustments during hypercarbia in rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss are initiated by external CO2 receptors on the first gill archPerry, Steve; Reid, Stephen
2000Cardiovascular and respiratory reflexes in the tropical fish, traira (hoplias malabaricus): CO2/pH chemoresponsesReid, Stephen; Sundin, Lena; Kalinin, Ana; Rantin, F. Tadeu; Milsom, William
1999Cellular localization of the heat shock transcription factors HSF1 and HSF2 in the rat brain during postnatal development and following hyperthermiaBrown, Ian R.; Rush, Sheila J.
2000Changes in intestinal and hepatic thyroid hormone deiodination during spontaneous metamorphosis of the sea lamprey, Petromyzon marinusEales, Geoffrey; McLeese, Jennifer; Holmes, John; Youson, John
1992Characterization of bacteria isolated from a bleached Kraft pulp mill wastewater treatment systemFulthorpe, Roberta; Liss, Steven; Allen, Grant
1992Chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA variation in four laboratory populations of collared lemmings (dicrostonyx)Engstrom, Mark; Baker, Allan; Eger, Judith; Boonstra, Rudy; Brooks, Ronald
Showing results 4 to 23 of 192