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P. E. Hallett (2011) Farmed Solitary Bees & Wasps, Data Set (generations 1997-2008) >
06B Photo diaries >
06B.08 Monastery 2006 >

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DSCN0605LAU344Bposed_b4-6.JPG.jpg15-Sep-2006LAU stand, block 344, 6.4 mm cavities. Detail.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0606LAU344Bposed_b6_BO_in_ocA_b4_CK_in_olA.JPG.jpg15-Sep-2006LAU stand, block 344, 6.4 mm cavities. Posed photo with dead Anthrax bombyliids from the Osmia coerulescens nest of cavity 6 (left) and O. lignaria with chalk-brood like fungus from cavity 4. The bombyliids killed a host immature in their attempted unwintered exit.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0607LAU346D_b1_amA-ff_b2_old_imA_fail-new_olA.JPG.jpg15-Sep-2006LAU stand, block 346, 9.6 mm cavities. From below: cavity 1 shows an emerged Anthidium manicatum nest of generation 2005; cavity 2 shows a failed '2005' Isodontia nest and '2006' Osmia lignaria; cavity 3 is comparable, but with blocked '2005' Isodontia adults and '2006' O. lignaria cocoons killed in the attempted exit.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0608LAU347C_b3_imA_half_cocoon-olA.JPG.jpg15-Sep-2006LAU stand, block 347, 8.0 mm cavities. Change in nest construction from generation 2005 Isodontia grass nest to '2006' Osmia lignaria mud nest. The single Isodontia cocoon in each nest has been killed.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0609LAU347C_b3_imA_half_cocoon-olA.JPG.jpg15-Sep-2006LAU stand, block 347, 8.0 mm cavities. The same, but posed to make the cocoon cutting more obvious.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0620LAU358C_b5.JPG.jpg16-Sep-2006LAU stand, block 358, 8.0 mm cavities. Detail of moulted dermestid skins in cavity 5.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0619LAU358C_imA_exit_and_olA_killed_by_dermestid.JPG.jpg16-Sep-2006LAU stand, block 358, 8.0 mm cavities. The 2006 generation nests are all the bee Osmia lignaria with occasional losses to mites; additional deaths in the upper cavity (#5) were to dermestid beetles and emerging generation 2005 Isodontia. In that struggle 2 Isodontia were killed by cut back in Spring 2006 and 2 emerged successfully. The cut-back and blocked Isodontia nest in cavity 5 failed completely.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0363.JPG.jpg15-Jun-2006Nest block with Osmia lignaria and its mites, and beetle prey of Symmorphus cristatus.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0400olA_after_clean.JPG.jpg5-Jul-2006Nests of Osmia lignaria after cleaning.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0399olA_before_clean.JPG.jpg5-Jul-2006Nests of Osmia lignaria before cleaning. There are so many mites in the pollen that it is, as it were, 'boiling over' once the lid is taken off the nest block.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0374scB_mb_ocA.JPG.jpg21-Jun-2006Nests of the Potter Symmorphus cristatus and a bee (most likely Osmia coerulescens at this early stage of diagnosis). Some of the older Potter larvae are beginning to develop the characteristic vivid Yellow of the Symmorphus cristatus prepupa. 6.4 mm width cavities.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0375potter_caterpillar_chrysomelid_prey.JPG.jpg21-Jun-2006Note the position of the Potter egg. A vespid egg is attached to the roof of the cavity; other wasps and bees place the egg within the provisions.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0364olA_superseding_imA_fk.JPG.jpg15-Jun-2006Osmia lignaria also seized unused space in cavities of other nesters, etc. Ditto.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0362olA_superceding_imA_fk.JPG.jpg15-Jun-2006Osmia lignaria also seized unused space in cavities of other nesters. The Isodontia mexicana nests here will be unable to emerge as they can usually only dig through one or two O. lignaria cells.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0321olA_flying.JPG.jpg2-May-2006Osmia lignaria flying at the BAR stand, etc. (Ditto 1).Hallett, Peter
DSCN0318olA_flying.JPG.jpg2-May-2006Osmia lignaria flying at the BAR stand, etc. (Ditto 2)Hallett, Peter
DSCN0323olA_flying.JPG.jpg2-May-2006Osmia lignaria flying at the BAR stand, etc. (Ditto 3).Hallett, Peter
DSCN0316.JPG.jpg2-May-2006Osmia lignaria flying at the BAR stand. Note the trees just coming into leaf.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0351Osmia_lignaria8mm.JPG.jpg5-Jun-2006Osmia lignaria seized all the empty cavities. Here 8.0 mm cavity width.Hallett, Peter
DSCN0472conophorine.JPG.jpg15-Jun-2006Paralyzed Meadow Grasshopper (conocephaline) dropped by wasp Isodontia mexicana at entrance to nest box.Hallett, Peter
Showing results 78 to 97 of 102