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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Construction and expression of linker insertion and site-directed mutants of v-fps protein-tyrosine kinaseStone, JC; Moran, MF; Pawson, Tony
9-Apr-1993A Drosophila SH2-SH3 Adaptor Protein Implicated in Coupling the Sevenless Tyrosine Kinase to an Activator of Ras Guanine Nucleotide Exchange, SosOlivier, Jean Paul; Raabe, Thomas; Henkerneyer, Mark; Dickson, Barry; Mbamalu, Geraldine; Margolis, Ben; Schlessinger, Joseph; Hafen, Ernst; Pawson, Tony
Oct-1994Formation of Shc-Grb2 complexes is necessary to induce neoplastic transformation by overexpression of Shc proteinsSalcini, AE; McGlade, J; Pelicci, G; Nicoletti, I; Pawson, Tony; Pelicci, PG
Apr-1994Immunolocalization of the Nuk receptor tyrosine kinase suggests roles in segmental patterning of the brain and axonogenesisHenkemeyer, M; Marengere, LE; McGlade, J; Olivier, JP; Conlon, RA; Holmyard, DP; Letwin, K; Pawson, Tony
Dec-1988Mutational analysis of a phosphotransfer motif essential for v-fps tyrosine kinase activityMoran, MF; Koch, CA; Sadowski, I; Pawson, Tony
Dec-1986A Noncatalytic Domain Conserved among Cytoplasmic Protein-Tyrosine Kinases Modifies the Kinase Function and Transforming Activity of Fujinami Sarcoma Virus P130[gag-fps]Sadowski, Ivan; Stone, James C.; Pawson, Tony
Nov-1988Non-catalytic domains of cytoplasmic protein-tyrosine kinases: regulatory elements in signal transductionPawson, Tony
Dec-1988Novel protein-tyrosine kinase cDNAs related to fps/fes and eph cloned using anti-phosphotyrosine antibodyLetwin, K; Yee, SP; Pawson, Tony
Jun-1990p185neu is phosphorylated on tyrosine in human primary breast tumors which overexpress neu/erbB-2Wildenhain, Y; Pawson, Tony; Blackstein, ME; Andrulis, IL
Jan-1990Phosphorylation of GAP and GAP-associated proteins by transforming and mitogenic tyrosine kinasesEllis, C; Moran, M; McCormick, F; Pawson, Tony
Feb-1994Phosphorylation of the SHC proteins on tyrosine correlates with the transformation of fibroblasts and erythroblasts by the v-sea tyrosine kinaseCrowe, AJ; McGlade, J; Pawson, Tony; Hayman, MJ
May-1993Regulation of c-Src tyrosine kinase activity by the Src SH2 domainvLiu, X; Brodeur, SR; Gish, G; Songyang, Z; Cantley, LC; Laudano, AP; Pawson, Tony
May-1992Regulation of the enzymatic function of the lymphocyte-specific tyrosine protein kinase p56lck by the non-catalytic SH2 and SH3 domainsVeillette, A; Caron, L; Fournel, M; Pawson, Tony
1994SH2 domain specificity and activity modified by a single residueMarengere, Luc E. M.; Zhou, Songyang; Gish, Gerald D.; Schaller, Michael D.; Parsons, J. Thomas; Stern, Michael J.; Cantley, Lewis C.; Pawson, Tony
Mar-1994Trk receptors use redundant signal transduction pathways involving SHC and PLC-gamma 1 to mediate NGF responsesStephens, RM; Loeb, DM; Copeland, TD; Pawson, Tony; Greene, LA; Kaplan, DR
Jun-1991Tyrosine phosphorylation of GAP and GAP-associated proteins in lymphoid and fibroblast cells expressing lckEllis, C; Liu, XQ; Anderson, D; Abraham, N; Veillette, A; Pawson, Tony
Mar-1988v-fps protein-tyrosine kinase coordinately enhances the malignancy and growth factor responsiveness of pre-neoplastic lung fibroblastsSadowski, I; Pawson, Tony; Lagarde, A
Jan-1993'W' mutant forms of the Fms receptor tyrosine kinase act in a dominant manner to suppress CSF-1 dependent cellular transformationReith, AD; Ellis, C; Maroc, N; Pawson, Tony; Bernstein, A; Dubreuil, P
Showing results 3 to 20 of 20