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Submit: Adding Your Scholarly Work


Contributing to T-Space is easy. Just follow these few steps to load your files:

For new contributors, here are a few tips:

  • you must be authorized by a community to submit items
  • the Submission Progress Bar guides your progress and can be used to navigate the submission process
  • the more information you include about each item, the easier it will be for others to find your work
  • if you need to interrupt or remove your submission use the "Cancel/Save" button

Submission Progress Bar Top

The Progress Bar is a set of oval buttons at the top of the Submit page.

As you move through the process these ovals will change color. Once you have started you can also use these buttons to move back and forth within the submission process by clicking on them. You will not lose data by moving back and forth.

Progress Bar

Submit: Choose a CollectionTop

Click on the arrow at the right of the drop-down box to see a list of Collections that are accessible to you and select one for your submission.

If you are denied permission to submit to that collection, contact the community responsible or contact us.

How do I start a new community?

Submit: Describe Your Item — Page 1 Top of Submit Top

Sometimes an item has more than one title, perhaps an abbreviation, acronym, or a title in another language. If this is the case, and you want this information captured, click in the "yes" box.

If you are entering a previously published or distributed item, click in the "yes" box. You will receive a form prompting you for your citation information. New items that have NOT been previously published or distributed will be assigned an issue date by the system upon T-Space distribution.

An item can consist of more than one file in T-Space. For example, an HTML file may contain references to image files (such as JPG or GIF files). Another example is an article that is supplemented with a video and a data file. If you are submitting more than one file for this item, click in the "yes" box.

If none of these questions apply, click the "Next" button.

Submit: Describe Your Item -- Page 2 Top of Submit Top

This descriptive information enables users to retrieve your item using search engines. By filling out these fields in the form, you are creating a metadata record for your item. The more thorough you are, the more "findable" your submission will be, so please take the time to fill in as many fields as you can about each item.


A person, organization or service responsible for creating or contributing to the content of the item. Click on the "Add More" button to add as many authors as needed. If the author is an organization, use the last name input box for the organization name:


All T-Space items must have a title! Enter the full and proper name by which this item should be known.

Other Title:

Alternative titles may include: abbreviations, translations, or acronyms, etc.

Date of Issue & Publisher:

If your item was previously published, enter the date and name of the publisher. If you don't know the month, leave the default "No Month"; otherwise select a month from the drop-down box. If you don't know the exact day, leave that box empty.

If T-Space is the first means of distribution of this item, a date will be assigned by the system when the item becomes a part of the repository.


For journal articles, include the journal title, volume number, date and paging.

For book chapters, include the book title, place of publication, publisher name, date and page numbers.

Series/Report No.:

Most submissions will not have a Series/Report No. but some of the collections in T-Space are numbered series, such as technical reports or working papers. If the collection you are submitting to falls into that category, then there should be a default value in the Series Name box which you should not change, but you will have to fill in the assigned number in the Report or Paper No. input box. For example:



Enter any number or code that identifies this item in some other system and select the type of identification system from the drop down menu:

  • Govt.doc # - Government Document Number - e.g. NASA SP 8084
  • ISBN - International Standard Book Number - e.g. 0-1234-5678-9
  • ISSN - International Standard Serial Number - e.g. 1234-5678
  • ISMN - International Standard Music Number - e.g. M-53001-001-3
  • URI - Universal Resource Identifier - e.g. http://www.dspace.org/help/submit.html
  • Other - An unique identifier assigned to the item using a system other than the above

New items will not necessarily have unique identifiers.


Select the type of work (or genre) that best fits your item. Hold down the "Ctrl" key for more than one type or use the "Shift" key to select groups of types within the list.


Select the language of the intellectual content of your item. If your item is not a text document and language is not applicable as description, then select the "N/A" choice.


Submit: Describe Your Item - Page 3 Top of Submit Top


Provide as many appropriate keywords and subject terms about your work as possible, from the general to the specific. The more words you provide, the more likely it is that users will find this item in their searches. Use one input box for each subject word or phrase. For more input boxes, click on the "Add More" button.

Your community may suggest using terms from a specific vocabulary, taxonomy, or thesaurus. If this is the case, please select your subject words from that list. Future versions of T-Space will provide links to those lists.


Adding an abstract makes your work more accessible for searching and retrieving for end users. There is no limit to the length of the abstract you attach to your item in T-Space.


If your item is the product of sponsored research, you can provide information about the sponsor(s) or funding bodies.


Enter any other information about your submission or comments that you think may be of interest to users of the item.

Submit: Upload a File Top of Submit Top
Select File

Click on the "Browse" button to select your files for submission.

N.B. For Netscape users, the default file type will be set to "HTML files", so you may not see all of your files.

File Description

For items consisting of multiple files, enter descriptions like "main article" or "images" or "computer program" or "data set" to distinguish each file.

Submit: Select File Format Top of Submit Top

If the system does not automatically recognize the format of the file you have uploaded, you will be asked to select the appropriate format from the list offered.

If the format is not in the list, click on "Format Not in List" and describe the format in the text box lower down on the page. Be sure to give the name of the application you used to create the file and the version of that application, e.g. "Autodesk AutoCAD R20 for UNIX".

What kinds of formats are supported by T-Space?

Submit: File Uploaded Successfully Top of Submit Top

After you have uploaded a file, verify the information in the table to make sure it is correct.

  • Click on the filename to download the file in a new browser window so that you can check the contents
  • Compare the file checksum displayed here with the checksum you calculate

Add Another File

This feature only appears if you are uploading an item that consists of more than one file, including HTML pages with embedded files. Remember that all aspects of your submission must comply with copyright permissions.

If you are uploading an HTML page with embedded files, upload all files or bitstreams referenced in the HTML page. After all the files are uploaded, in the column marked "Primary Bitstream", select the bitstream or file that is the index page or the top page for the web page. This will ensure that all of your embedded files will display properly on the HTML page. Then click on the "Next" button.


Checksums are a way to verify that your file data has transmitted properly.

To verify the file using checksums, click "Show Checksums" on the "Uploaded File" page. The T-Space-generated MD5 checksum number will be listed beside the file name for every file you have uploaded. Then, use a local program to generate your own checksum for these files and verify that your results match ours:

  • For Windows machines, try using md5, or md5sum, available via the textutils package in Cygwin.
  • On most UNIX-like systems (including Mac OS X), use md5sum. For instance, type "md5sum MYFILE" for every file you want to check; the summary should print on your screen.

All of these utilities will need to be run from a command-line, or terminal, window. When you run the MD5 tool on your local copy of the file you're uploading, the entire digest printed out should be exactly equal to what T-Space reports.

Submit: Verify Submission Top of Submit Top

To correct or edit information about your item, click on the corresponding button on the right, or use the oval buttons in the progress bar at the top of the page to move back through the submission pages.

Submit: Creative Commons License Top of Submit Top

The Creative Commons offers non-exclusive licenses. With a Creative Commons license you can specify use, e.g. the right of others to copy your work, make derivative works or adaptations of your work, to distribute your work and/or make money from your work. Choosing a Creative Commons non-exclusive license means you keep your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit.

Submit: Non-Exclusive UofT License Top of Submit Top

Your agreement to this non-exclusive license is required before your item can appear on T-Space.

By signing and submitting this license, you (the author(s) or copyright owner) grant to University of Toronto the non-exclusive right to reproduce, translate (as defined in the license), and/or distribute your submission (including the abstract) worldwide in print and electronic format and in any medium, including but not limited to audio or video.

Please read the license carefully:

  • Once you agree to this license, you will not be able to modify the descriptive or other data about the item.
  • Even if you do not grant the license, your document will still be accessible on your My T-Space page.

Why do I need to agree to the T-Space Non-Exclusive License and what does it say?

Submit: Submission Complete Top of Submit Top

You can check the status of your submission(s) by going to your "My T-Space" page. If you have questions about a specific peer review process, contact the community responsible for the collection directly.

How T-Space is Structured


T-Space contents are organized hierarchically by:

  • communities (organizational entities, such as departments, schools, programs, institutes, conferences, or individual scholars)
  • Communities create collections (related groups of material with a common policy)
  • Collections contain submissions (items)
  • Submissions consist of files (uploaded from your PC)

Follow the "Communities and Collections" link on the T-Space home page for more information.

Sign on to T-Space


Sign on to the system to:

  • submit a new document
  • subscribe to a collection and receive e-mail updates when new items are added
  • go to the "My T-Space" page that tracks your subscriptions and other interactions with T-Space requiring authorization (if you are a contributor to a collection, for instance.)
  • change your password or contact information

Use your email address and your chosen password. Remember that your password is case sensitive.

Some restricted functions, such as content submission, require authorization from the research community who control that collection.

Edit Your Profile


Log in to change your password, contact information, or subscriptions.

My T-Space


My T-Space is a workspace page for each member. If you are an authorized T-Space user or administrator, you will have a "My T-Space" page. Here you will find a list of:

  • any of your own in-progress submissions
  • submissions which you are peer reviewing or editing
  • and a link to a list of your accepted T-Space submissions

E-mail Alerts


To receive daily e-mail alerts about new items added to T-Space collections:

  • log in or register (new users only)
  • go to the T-Space Home page and click on the "Communities and Collections" link
  • choose a collection and click on the "Subscribe" button (repeat for other collections)

To edit your subscriptions:

  • log in
  • go to your "My T-Space" page
  • click to "See Your Subscriptions"

For Further Assistance... Top

For help using T-Space and questions about your specific site, please contact us.

For general information and news about T-Space, visit the T-Space Website.

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