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Vol. 11, Num. 1, 2001, pp. 27
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Australasian Biotechnology, Vol. 11 No. 1, 2001, pp. 27



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We are proud to list the following organisations as Corporate Members of the Association. Their principal location is given, but they often have offices in other centres in Australia or overseas.

  • AGEN Biomedical Ltd, Brisbane
  • Agrichem Research & Development Pty Ltd., Brisbane
  • Allen, Allen & Hemsley, Sydney
  • Alpha Centauri Group Pty Ltd., Melbourne
  • Alpharma Animal Health Pty Ltd., Melbourne
  • AMRAD Corporation Ltd., Melbourne
  • Anderson Rice, Lawyers, Melbourne
  • Animal Resources Centre, Perth
  • Anutech Pty Ltd., Canberra
  • Aoris Nova Pty Ltd., Sydney
  • Autogen Pty Ltd., Melbourne
  • Avcare Ltd., Canberra
  • Aventis Cropscience Pty Ltd., Melbourne
  • Benitec Ltd., Sydney
  • Bio-Care Technology Pty Ltd., Somersby, NSW
  • Biomedical Investments Ltd, Perth
  • Bioquest Ltd., Sydney
  • Biota Holdings Ltd., Melbourne
  • Biotech Australia Pty Ltd., Sydney
  • Biotech Capital Ltd., Sydney
  • C-Qentec Diagnostics Pty Ltd., Sydney
  • City of Melbourne, Melbourne
  • Cognis Australia Pty Ltd., Melbourne
  • Comdisco Australia Pty Ltd., Sydney
  • Crittendens, Sydney
  • Crown Scientific Pty Ltd., Sydney
  • CSL Ltd., Melbourne
  • Deloitte, Touche, Tohmatsu, Melbourne
  • eBioinformatics Pty Ltd., Sydney
  • Elders Ltd., Adelaide
  • Enterix Pty Ltd., Sydney
  • Faulding Pharmaceutical Asia Pacific, Adelaide
  • Florigene Ltd., Melbourne
  • Gradipore Ltd., Sydney
  • Grains R&D Corporation, Canberra
  • GroPep Ltd., Adelaide
  • Kelly Scientific Resources, Melbourne
  • KPMG, Melbourne
  • Landers & Rogers, Lawyers, Melbourne
  • Minter Ellison, Melbourne
  • Millipore Australia Pty Ltd
  • Monsanto Australia Pty Ltd
  • Ozgene Pty Ltd., Perth
  • Phillips Fox Lawyers, Melbourne & Sydney
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Sydney
  • Progen Industries Pty Ltd, Brisbane
  • Silenus Laboratories, Melbourne
  • Spencer Stuart & Associates, Melbourne
  • Tasmanian Alkaloids Pty Ltd., Westbury Tas.
  • The Australian Wine Research Institute, Adelaide
  • Vision Instruments Ltd, Melbourne
  • Vita Life Sciences Ltd., Singapore
  • Watermark Patent & Trademark Attorneys, Melbourne
Did you know???

Did you know that you don’t have to be a biotech company to become a Corporate Member? The rules have been changed. The Directors of the ABA encourage Corporate Membership from Research Institutions, Hospital Departments, University Departments, Divisions of CSIRO, CRC’s, Government Departments, R&D Corporations, and similar bodies. Law firms, accountancy practices, patent attorneys, financial firms, stockbrokers are also all warmly welcomed as Corporate Members. Additionally, our very supportive laboratory and equipment supply houses can benefit greatly with a Corporate membership of the ABA. .

We encourage all organisations, who have not considered Corporate Membership of the ABA recently, to consider becoming part of the new ABA Corporate group. It is particularly important for all biotech companies, both large and small, to be Corporate Members of the new ABA to have your voice heard.

Click on “Join the ABA” on the navigation bar at to access more information, details of categories and annual fees, and membership application forms.

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