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Vol. 11, Num. 1, 2001, pp. 24
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Australasian Biotechnology, Vol. 11 No. 1, 2001, pp. 25


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Update on the Restructuring of the Australian Biotechnology Association

Further to the reports in last month’s journal concerning the restructuring of the Australian Biotechnology Association, and the report of the Steering Group for the strengthening of the role of the ABA as an industry organisation, the following is a brief update on developments since the last edition of the journal in November/ December 2000. The restructuring activities have essentially been covered previously in this report in the section from the President and from the Executive Director, the key points being:

  • Appointment of the ABA’s inaugural Executive Director
  • The completion of the ABA’s three-year Business Plan
  • Discussions underway with federal, state and local governments in relation to the ABA’s role and activities to support the development and growth of the Australian Biotechnology industry and consequently the support from these government organisations for the ABA in implementing its objectives
  • Review of the ABA’s constitution is underway in preparation for any changes which may be necessary for the ABA to evolve as biotechnology’s “Industry Organisation”
  • Preparation for an extraordinary Annual General Meeting on the tentative date of 10th April 2001 (to be confirmed) in order to enable any necessary constitutional changes to be ratified by members
  • Plans for the international announcement of the restructured ABA organisation at the BIO meeting at San Diego in June 2001
  • Plans for the “official” launch of the ABA Industry Organisation at the combined CHIF/ABA meeting in August 2001.

We repeat that all members of the ABA should feel free to comment on the restructuring process. We encourage letters to the Editor and longer commentary to be published in coming issues of this journal. The Executive Director, Tony Coulepis, has also indicated that he welcomes comments directly .


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