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Hugh MacCallum writes:

I was educated at the University of Toronto (B.A. Trinity College 1951), completing the Ph.D. degree in English in 1959. From 1955 to 1959 I taught at the University of Western Ontario, then joined the English Department at University College, University of Toronto, where I spent the rest of my teaching career, retiring in 1993.

While I have enjoyed teaching in various areas of English literature, my research has centred on the poetry and prose of the seventeenth century. In collaboration with Robert A. Greene, I edited Nathaniel Culverwell's Discourse of the Light of Nature (Toronto, 1971). (This is about to be republished by the Liberty Fund.) I also edited A. S. P. Woodhouse's unfinished book, which appeared as The Heavenly Muse: A Preface to Milton (1972). I have published essays on the thought and poetry of Milton, and the drama of John Dryden, as well as discussed Milton's epics in Milton and the Sons of God (1986). My occasional essays are on W. B. Yeats and A. S. P. Woodhouse and include reviews of Canadian poetry for "Letters in Canada" in The University of Toronto Quarterly (1966-69).

At a Department meeting on Nov. 2, 1959, Hugh MacCallum was asked to report to the Department about alternative paperback books that could be used in place of Representative Poetry in the fourth year of undergraduate study. F. David Hoeniger, Associate General Editor for the sixth edition, later read out MacCallum's name on Nov. 14, 1960, as co-editor of Milton's poetry with A. S. P. Woodhouse.