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Short poem

Adela Florence Nicolson Cory (1865-1904)

"Less than the Dust"

              1Less than the dust, beneath thy Chariot wheel,
              2Less than the rust, that never stained thy Sword,
              3Less than the trust thou hast in me, Oh, Lord,
              4           Even less than these!

              5Less than the weed, that grows beside thy door,
              6Less than the speed, of hours, spent far from thee,
              7Less than the need thou hast in life of me.
              8           Even less am I.

              9Since I, Oh, Lord, am nothing unto thee,
            10See here thy Sword, I make it keen and bright,
            11Love's last reward, Death, comes to me to-night,
            12           Farewell, Zahir-u-din.

Online text copyright © 2003, Ian Lancashire for the Department of English, University of Toronto.
Published by the Web Development Group, Information Technology Services, University of Toronto Libraries.

Original text: Laurence Hope, The Garden of Kama And other Love Lyrics from India (London: William Heinemann, 1917): 3. PR 6027 I37G3 1917 Robarts Library
First publication date: 1901
RPO poem editor: Ian Lancashire
RP edition: 2001
Recent editing: 1:2002/10/4

Rhyme: (a)b(a)c(a)cd
Form note: Parentheses indicate mid-line rhymes.

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