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Short poem

Thomas Carew (1595?-by 1640)

A Song: When June is past, the fading rose

              1Ask me no more where Jove bestows,
              2When June is past, the fading rose;
              3For in your beauty's orient deep
              4These flowers as in their causes, sleep.

              5Ask me no more whither doth stray
              6The golden atoms of the day;
              7For in pure love heaven did prepare
              8Those powders to enrich your hair.

              9Ask me no more whither doth haste
            10The nightingale when May is past;
            11For in your sweet dividing throat
            12She winters and keeps warm her note.

            13Ask me no more where those stars light
            14That downwards fall in dead of night;
            15For in your eyes they sit, and there,
            16Fixed become as in their sphere.

            17Ask me no more if east or west
            18The phœnix builds her spicy nest;
            19For unto you at last she flies,
            20And in your fragrant bosom dies.


3] orient: radiant.

4] causes: here the material cause of Aristotelian philosophy.

11] dividing: making divisions, a division being a rapid melodic passage.

Online text copyright © 2005, Ian Lancashire for the Department of English, University of Toronto.
Published by the Web Development Group, Information Technology Services, University of Toronto Libraries.

Original text: Thomas Carew, Poems (J. D. for T. Walkley, 1640). STC 4620.
First publication date: 1640
RPO poem editor: N. J. Endicott
RP edition: 3RP 1.217-18.
Recent editing: 4:2002/2/7

Rhyme: aabb

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