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Scholarly Publications and Papers

The G7 and China in the Management of the International Financial System

Professor John Kirton
Department of Political Science
Centre for International Studies
University of Toronto


1. The Debate Over China's Relationship to the G7: Object, Associate or Member
2. The G7/G8 Treatment of China, 1975-1999: from Adversary to Associate
3. China's Role in the Global Financial Crisis of 1997-1999
4. The Move Toward Meaningful Association: From G22 to FSF and G20
5. Prospects and Proposals for Strengthened Partnership: Options for Intensified Association

Paper prepared for an International Think Tank Forum on "China in the 21st Century and the World," sponsored by the China Development Institute, China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchange and the National Institute for Research Advancement, Japan, Shenzen, China, November 11-12, 1999. I gratefully acknowledge the research assistance of Gina Stephens, Natalie Armstrong, Ivan Savic, Diana Juricivec and Paul Jacobelli in the preparation of this paper. Version: November 3.

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